Travelogue: Baguio 2017

Took me longer than the usual to finish editing this video (including the teaser) because I used a different camera this time (that’s why it’s no longer crappy hahaha). The thing is, all footages were recorded in 4:3 setting but Youtube only supports 16:9, so I had to tweak everything and export it again. Unless I want to have black bars on the side of my video. Whew. Na-stress ako ng slight but it’s all good!

Here’s the video of our Baguio trip last weekend. Making videos is so much fun with Rafa as my main content. Hahaha.

Don’t forget to watch in HD! :)

Rafa Plays Taguan

Yesterday, I taught Rafa how to play hide and seek. He still doesn’t know how to count but he seems to be getting the point of “seeking”. Yay! Although we still need to practice the “hiding” part because he just imitates where I previously hid. Haha. Today, I was busy working on my laptop when he came inside the room and started to distract me. I thought maybe I should rest for a bit and play with him. I said, “Taguan?” and he immediately smiled.

Here’s a video of  us playing taguan / hide and seek. Hindi ko nga alam bakit hindi nya napapansin yung phone ko as I try to take a video of him. Hahaha!

Don’t forget to watch it in HD!


Rafa’s Day Out

So I was sorting out files in my laptop and found these video clips from last year. It was Rafa’s first time to visit tito Darel’s house, few days before Christmas! We’re also scheduled to bake brownies that day (our first time to bake our brownies recipe). Watch the video to see how we managed to bake + babysit. Good times!

I’d like to try posting something new on this blog on a regular basis. Let’s see if I can motivate myself to do such thing. Hahaha.