Travelogue: Baguio 2017

Took me longer than the usual to finish editing this video (including the teaser) because I used a different camera this time (that’s why it’s no longer crappy hahaha). The thing is, all footages were recorded in 4:3 setting but Youtube only supports 16:9, so I had to tweak everything and export it again. Unless I want to have black bars on the side of my video. Whew. Na-stress ako ng slight but it’s all good! Here’s the video of our Baguio trip last weekend. Making videos is so much fun with Rafa as my main content. Hahaha. Don’t forget … Continue reading Travelogue: Baguio 2017

Naga 2017

Here’s a one-minute video. Watch it in HD! :) Early this year, I was able to visit Naga City in Bicol (southern tip of Luzon). What a way to start the year, right? First week of 2017, lakwatsa agad! Good job! We were actually invited for a wedding but since it was our first time, well at least for Darel and I (haha! we were with his sister), we decided to go there ahead of schedule and explore a bit. Maybe you’ve seen my IG stories back then and saw how fun it was to get lost and just allow … Continue reading Naga 2017

One of those spontaneous trips: Lucban, Quezon

Here’s a one-minute video. Don’t forget to watch in HD! :) Last Saturday, we were in Lucban, Quezon for a mini-reunion/celebration with relatives in the South (my cousin just graduated, soon to be CE!). It was one of those spontaneous trips c/o the family, and I’m not used to it. Spontaneous trips only apply to friends (like most of the time) because, er, that’s just the way it is? Hahaha. At 11pm last Friday, we left Manila and it is only on the road where we decided to actually check a place where we can sleep for the night. First … Continue reading One of those spontaneous trips: Lucban, Quezon