The Real Deal When Introverts Go To Their Default Mode

I suddenly felt my energy drop to almost zero level. So I decided to just go to bed and sleep it off. When I woke up, it felt worse. It’s one of those mornings when you don’t know what’s wrong but it feels like something’s wrong. The feeling started to get worse as I prepare for another day of interacting with people. These are the thoughts of every introvert person who just reached their threshold of socializing. Haha. I know it sounds weird, but when we say we had too much interaction for today, trust us. It is mentally exhausting. … Continue reading The Real Deal When Introverts Go To Their Default Mode

2016: An Overview

Spontaneous. The perfect word to describe my year. Starting with resigning from my day job to becoming a freelancer, going somewhere almost every month, climbing another mountain, making #titaduties a glamorous task, learning how to skate, dyeing my hair in i-forgot-how-many-colors, learning italian, revived my passion for video editing, playing musical instruments again, going back to writing, enjoy baking, trying out target shooting, watching a movie alone again, backpacking…. — cutting this now ‘cos this list could be my entire blog post haha. I’ve done so many new and great things this year, and all are not included in the … Continue reading 2016: An Overview