Travelogue: Baguio 2017

Took me longer than the usual to finish editing this video (including the teaser) because I used a different camera this time (that’s why it’s no longer crappy hahaha). The thing is, all footages were recorded in 4:3 setting but Youtube only supports 16:9, so I had to tweak everything and export it again. Unless I want to have black bars on the side of my video. Whew. Na-stress ako ng slight but it’s all good! Here’s the video of our Baguio trip last weekend. Making videos is so much fun with Rafa as my main content. Hahaha. Don’t forget … Continue reading Travelogue: Baguio 2017

Rafa Plays Taguan

Yesterday, I taught Rafa how to play hide and seek. He still doesn’t know how to count but he seems to be getting the point of “seeking”. Yay! Although we still need to practice the “hiding” part because he just imitates where I previously hid. Haha. Today, I was busy working on my laptop when he came inside the room and started to distract me. I thought maybe I should rest for a bit and play with him. I said, “Taguan?” and he immediately smiled. Here’s a video of  us playing taguan / hide and seek. Hindi ko nga alam … Continue reading Rafa Plays Taguan

The Real Deal When Introverts Go To Their Default Mode

I suddenly felt my energy drop to almost zero level. So I decided to just go to bed and sleep it off. When I woke up, it felt worse. It’s one of those mornings when you don’t know what’s wrong but it feels like something’s wrong. The feeling started to get worse as I prepare for another day of interacting with people. These are the thoughts of every introvert person who just reached their threshold of socializing. Haha. I know it sounds weird, but when we say we had too much interaction for today, trust us. It is mentally exhausting. … Continue reading The Real Deal When Introverts Go To Their Default Mode

Naga 2017

Here’s a one-minute video. Watch it in HD! :) Early this year, I was able to visit Naga City in Bicol (southern tip of Luzon). What a way to start the year, right? First week of 2017, lakwatsa agad! Good job! We were actually invited for a wedding but since it was our first time, well at least for Darel and I (haha! we were with his sister), we decided to go there ahead of schedule and explore a bit. Maybe you’ve seen my IG stories back then and saw how fun it was to get lost and just allow … Continue reading Naga 2017

Good news from Upwork today!

SURPRISEEEEEE!! So I’ve been in Upwork since January of 2016, and today I am officially a top rated freelancer! Thank you!! How many of you guys know about this global freelancing platform? Let me know how’s it going since you started. I remember it took me months before I finally got my first client here. And I was only getting a really low pay for that one. Now, a lot have changed, I have a good enough portfolio and I am extremely grateful. What a good way to start my day! Have a blessed Tuesday! Continue reading Good news from Upwork today!